Black Arrows of Filth & Impurity Reviews this week!

A couple of these came through, might as well blog 'em, right?

Jersey Beat

Mckeesport Daily News (Pittsburgh Suburb)

BLACK ARROWS OF FILTH AND IMPURITY, “1984 (Eternal)” (Gilead Media) 1 / 2 — Grindcore and ambient doom are things that don’t really go all that well together. One is of hurricane force and intensity, while the other lays its trap and waits for you, the listener, to get caught up in its sinew. Irresistible force, immovable object, you get it.
Indiana’s Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity have ignored the “don’t cross the streams” warning by … crossing the streams. On their “1984 (Eternal)” (originally released in 2006, now getting new treatment and an added song), they act like two bands doing a split release, and the effectiveness of said approach likely is up to the listener. Your humble narrator is cool with it, likes it a lot in fact, especially the mathy grind portion that blasts the earth’s crust into a bazillion pieces over five vicious tracks that are over in about 10 minutes. In fact, if you don’t realize they’re coming, they make the final two, experimental journeys (which last roughly 31 minutes combined) feel like a serious loop. You were just barreling down the road out of control, and now you’re leaning in for a long, thorny ride down the rabbit’s hole? Indeed, and it feels really strange, but the more you listen, the more you’re bound to like it. It also might make you think twice about toss­ing that lamp at the wall, knowing you’ll need something to do while the doom is sprawling everywhere. ( Brian Krasman )

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