Thou/Black September Split 7" ready for orders!

I am pleased to announce that I'm now taking orders for the Black September/Thou Split 7"

Check out the blurb from the webstore:
Thrive & Decay was originally released as a cooperative effort between six labels in 2008, limited to 1000 copies on black vinyl. Having sold out over the course of a few short months, Gilead stepped up to repress this epic pairing of songs with brand new artwork, remastered audio, and on clear red vinyl. Again limited to 1000 copies.

This split is not only a split between two great bands from two very different parts of the US, it's an astonishing showing of power by two very young bands. Black September, Chicago, IL, offer “Under The Rising,” a diverse 6 minutes of death metal/thrash with touches of dooming riffage. THOU, Baton Rouge, LA, unveil one of their most politically charged and crushingly heavy sludge tunes thus far, “Smoke Pigs.” Complete with the sample excluded from the first pressing. The first time I heard the split I was blown away by the vitality and passion put into both songs. “Smoke Pigs” and “Under the Rising” really compliment each other despite the fact that they're sonically very different.

- Ltd to 1000 copies on clear red vinyl

- Each copy includes a free download of the entire split

- Includes the "Talk to Cops" poster coinciding with the Smoke Pigs song, originally excluded from the first pressing

Images are fun, too!

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