Get Rad "I Can Always Live" CD/Gatefold LP & shirt shipping now!

I'm quite excited to announce that we're finally taking orders for thew new Get Rad album "I Can Always Live". The record is available as a CD ($9) and Gatefold LP ($13) (clear or black, includes digital download code), with the option to order either format with an exclusive t-shirt printed on an Anvil ringspun 100% cotton tshirt ($19/$23), which has a similar fit to American Apparel. All individual CD/LP orders will begin shipping immediately, but any record ordered with a shirt will ship on or around 4/12, so we have time to gather quantities and print em. Here is the blurb for the record, along with photos of the vinyl & tshirt...

You know, I've been a huge fanboy for everything Dave Rudnik (Bass - Get Rad, other stuff in Seven Days of Samsara, High on Crime, Kungfu Rick, and a ton of other righteous bands) since I started getting into hardcore. In addition, I was always a huge Since by Man fan (Kevin, vocals for Get Rad played guitar for SBM). So naturally when I first heard about Get Rad I was really excited to see what it was all about. I was never let down. Every release reveals more and more how much can be awesome and righteous in hardcore. Get Rad are about as good as it gets.

When Dave proposed the idea of Gilead working with Hyperrealist to release the new Get Rad full length, I Can Always Live, how the hell could I possibly even say no to that. There was no decision to be made, quite frankly. It had to happen. Not only because of my aforementioned love for the band, but because I've come to find a great friend in Pat who runs Hyperrealist, and I've really just been looking for a good reason to work on a record with him. Just perfect.

So, April 2010 we will present what I strongly feel is one of the best hardcore records I've heard in years. Get Rad capture an energy and excitement that I've come to think was lost in hardcore. I am elated to be involved in the process of releasing the record.

Since this is a split release with Hyperrealist records you also have the option of ordering from them via Shirtkiller, who are now handling all their online mailorder. They should have the CD+LP posted later on today!

To order now head on over to the new, simple Gilead Media online store here!

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