It's been pretty quiet on the Gilead Media front, or so things would seem.

I've been dealing with a couple messes. One with the garment provider I ordered the blank garments from for the Thou SUMMIT shirts, what a disaster. Finally fulfilling the rest of the orders for shirts tomorrow. The other mess is with the freight company that carried the mewithoutYou 180 gram LP represses to my door from Bill Smith Custom Records. A bunch of vinyl arrived damaged and I had the pleasure of going through all of the boxes and pulling damages. Great fun. Those copies that are not smashed will be for sale someday.

There are SOME positive things going on with Gilead Media. I'll talk details later, but it involves a fantastic prog-rock trio containing members of a previous Gilead Media artist. People are going to be very, very pleased.

A couple other releases will be split releases with other labels, and involve a couple younger up-and-coming US black metal bands that I'm really excited to be working with.

Finally there may be some progress on a CD release by a great melodic sludgey group of guys from the Wisconsin area. We will see how everything shakes out and if the label goes bankrupt before I get a chance to release all these jams!

Anyway, just checking in for anyone who reads this. Stuff is happening, it's just boring for anyone that's not me and will be more exciting to talk about later.


  1. keep the faith man! i have mountains of respect for people who puts so much time and effort into a quality label. Gilead has quickly become one of my favorite the past couple years.
    looking forward to the upcoming noise!

  2. Hey, don't do yourself down. If we're reading this page then we're interested and the words aren't just floating off into the ether. As for any delays, isn't that just a sign that Gilead cares about what they do and doesn't just shovel stuff out the door? That's a positive. The 'Summit' shirt arrives when it does and that is more than fine. Seriously, just keep doing what you do - the rest will catch up eventually.