There were a great deal of components for the Fell Voices Untitled LP I released alongside Howling Mine this March. I documented the creation of a few of these components. Here some of them are with a bunch of words as accompaniment.

All the goods have arrived! (Except for the posters at the point this photo was taken, pictured separately below).

The poster, 24"x36" on a lightweight 40lb text. Near newsprint weight:

The band came up with a great image for the patch. I had a few issues getting some of the fine detail to burn the way I wanted it to, but ultimately the patches turned out really nice.

The screen used:

Uncut sheets:

My wife assisting with patch cutting, a great help, indeed!:

I had printed all of the inserts included with the LP. We had some scrap paper around the shop that was the perfect size, very excited to save some money there. Here is the board we use for larger format paper printing:

And a video of me printing the paper inserts that included all of the recording and label information:

Cruddy detail photo of the black on black inserts. The bands got the majority of these, and I had a few that went out with mailorder. I think overall there were less than 100 total with black on black inserts:

A slightly better detail of the standard black on white inserts:

And then the epic task of hand cutting all of the insert sheets:

Once everything is all set to go, my go-to man, Dale, stops by to help assemble. We actually assembled these the morning of the day I drove to Milwaukee to then assemble the NORTHLESS 2LPs with the band and Halo of Flies. So much assembly! For these Fell Voices LPs, though, Dale brought the movie, I jammed the espresso, we kicked em out. A fun morning with a great friend and a great batch of records:

The tongue helps with assembly.


  1. So much work! You did a great job though, this is a fantastic release. Your hard works shows and is much appreciated.

  2. Thanks, Bryan! Although it's sort of stressful finding time to do all this, and do it right, I totally LOVE it!

  3. I just got this in the mail today. Thanks for all the hard work!