Here's some really exciting Friday morning news for you. Gilead Media will be co-releasing (alongside the lovely Howling Mine) the insanely intense debut album by Minneapolis black metal folks, FALSE. You will not be ready for this 12", I assure you. Mixed and mastered by THE master, Adam Tucker from Signaturetone Recording. The new mix sounds unbelievable.

I first heard about this band while sitting around a coffee house in Madison, WI with Bryan and Andy from Thou and all the dudes from the Body. Thou had just played Minneapolis the night prior with FALSE and everyone in Thou was entirely and complete blown away by how intense and relentless FALSE were live. Just going by their description and by how strongly they felt about the band, I knew I had to hear them IMMEDIATELY. I told Bryan that he needed to pass along any recordings he could get his hands on. A couple months later I get an email informing me that my long-time friend Adam Tucker is in the midst of mixing & mastering the recording for release. I really couldn't have been happier at this point. Tucker only puts a million % into everything he's a part of, and that's the truth. I'm sitting here listening to his mix as I write this, and I cannot wait to unleash this record upon the world with the band and Howling Mine records. It's going to be something very special. My mind keeps going back to that coffee shop on State St in Madison, and how Andy and Bryan just kept calling the band "the most relentless black metal they've ever seen." Put that on a 12" and you're getting somewhere close to what this record will be.

Songs will come soon. Patience. No more instant gratification.


  1. I was at their show with thou, being the big thou fan I am, I was in awe when they blew thou out of the water. Thou even played an awesome show that night!

  2. I'm super excited to listen to this when I get home!