Wow. Unsure of exactly where to begin with this blog update. I don't know, expect some disjointed ramblings...

On Sunday evening I posted a blog entry about some money I lost out on that really put a huge bump in the road for the label. I just wanted to put something out there to say, "hey, things have gotten kind of rough, I'm stressed and not real sure what to do to get back on track, buy some stuff if you can." What I received was an absurd outpouring of support.

I just want to take a moment and say that it wasn't my intention to try and get a ton of attention and to guilt everyone into buying some of my records. It wasn't some cry for people to give me all their money. Yeah, of course I was hoping some additional sales would help out. I more so wanted to be honest about the state of the label, since I know people are really into what I'm doing. I didn't want to just let it idly fall into a state of vague inactivity while I spent months trying to recover. I've always been very transparent about what's going on and how the label operates.

I heard from friends, fellow labels, distributors, customers, and even some press outlets/writers, all in response to my little write up. This entire blast of support and orders has been totally overwhelming and unexpected. The word "blast" is sort of a weird one to use, but that's really the only word I can find to accurately describe how I feel. It took me by total surprise.

Thank you. I am usually accused of being long-winded and wordy by my pal John, but those are really the only words I can come up with in this case.

If you emailed me, placed an order, wrote a forum post, published an article, "liked" or re-tweeted a link, anything of that sort... I thank you endlessly. The fact that so many people have such a positive opinion of the label is something I always hoped for, but I never expected it to be like this. The people who support independent labels and particularly, it would seem, metal labels, are amongst the most supportive people I've ever known.

The process required to get the label back on track is definitely underway, thanks to the last two days of support. I will continue to post updates as we move forward on the Mutilation Rites 12" and Thou collection 2CD/2LP. Thank you, for everything.

Long days and pleasant nights.
-Adam Bartlett


  1. Just keep up the good work and we will support you

  2. Keep it up, my friend. You deserve it!

  3. I believe some wootery is in order...