Had a meeting today with Ryan at the Electric Lounge & Lanes in Oshkosh, WI. I'm happy to announce that they will provide the venue for the Gilead Media Music Festival!

The Electric Lounge is a historic building located a quarter mile east of downtown Oshkosh located at 405 Washington St in Oshkosh, WI that serves as a venue for many local events and private parties. The room we have booked for the festival will fit about 300 people. This venue may also require that the show be 21+, which I don't think should be a huge deal. I figure most people attending are over the age of 21. This may change, and we may be able to do an all ages event, but for now I'm billing the fest as 21+.

Here's a photo of my pal Scott standing in the room we'll be using. I took this photo from the small stage on the east side of the room. I'm quite excited we were able to find such an intimate environment that will work so well for the show.

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