Tons of new items were added on 12/31. Many things I've been sitting on throughout December, a month where I was determined to work as little as possible and begin to make up for the time I missed playing video games. Some of the old distro stuff is still on sale, alongside older Gilead Media catalog titles. Distro page: http://www.gileadmedia.net/store/distro.htm.

Alaric - Alaric LP, $13.00

Ash Borer - Ash Borer gatefold LP, $17.00

Bloody Panda - Summon gatefold 2LP+DVD, $17.00

Bosse-De-Nage - II LP, $15.50

Brainoil - Death Of This Dry Season LP, $12.50

Ensorcelor - Crucifuge LP, $15.50

Fell Voices - Demo 2008 180g LP, $17.00

Ghast - May The Curse Bind 2LP, $19.50

Hell - II 2LP, $28.00

L'Acephale - Stahlhartes Gehause gatefold 2LP, $31.00

Locrian - The Crystal World LP, $19.00

Panopticon - Social Disservices 2LP, $22.50

Panopticon - Collapse 2LP, $22.50

Yob - Atma gatefold 2LP, $21.00

Ural Umbo - Delusion Of Hope LP, $19.00

Cedars Of Lebanon - Archive II CS, $7.00

Servile Sect - Demos 2005/2006 CS, $7.00

To buy any of these (and listen to most!) visit the Gilead Media distro page: http://www.gileadmedia.net/store/distro.htm

Also added, FALSE shirts from their December 2011 tour!

S-XL are $12, XXL is $14.00. Printed on 100% ringspun cotton Anvil shirts w/plastiol ink. Dark grey on black, light grey on white. To order visit the merch page: http://www.gileadmedia.net/store/merch.htm

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