The Mutilation Rites records finally arrived from the plant. Well, some of them did anyhow. 100 are here to fulfill pre-orders. I was going to get some off to the band for their dates on the way to the Fest from New York, but we don't have enough time to ship them there without absurd shipping costs at this point. At least they'll have all that awesome merch Scott and I printed last week (see last post).

Thanks to John and Mary for helping to assemble these last night so I can get cracking on shipping pre-orders. Much appreciated!

If you'd like to pick up a copy of the 12" head over to the Gilead online store. http://gileadmedia.net/store/

One sided 12" w/b-side etching. Heavy stock jackets w/metallic silver print.
Artwork by Rainbath Visual. Black paper inner sleeves. Solid black LP labels.
4.25x11 card stock insert w/metallic silver print.

And then we have this curious little thing. A new, unannounced 7" release that will be available at the Gilead Music Festival. More word on that late this week/early next week when we formally announce it.

A new 7" release for the Gilead Music Fest. Details coming soon.

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  1. If that's a new Thou record for the fest, I'm gonna be pissed that I can't make it!!!!