Pre-orders are now open on two records I'm very proud to release. These bands are all filled with individuals I am honored to call friends, and their bands are amongst the best in the American black metal scene today.

Barghest/False split LP - $15.00

Barghest and False come from drastically different worlds, and drastically different are their individual approaches to black metal. Barghest, from the swamps of Baton Rouge, LA, take the misanthropic "anti-human/anti-life" angle, delivering disgustingly abrasive, lo-fi metal. A lineup without bass, but full of unflinching aggression and thickness. False, from the frozen landscape of Minneapolis, MN, begin with a foundation of synth-tinged European black metal and compliment it with hypnotic atmosphere, creating intensely eerie music.

For all of their differences, they also share some key similarities. Each group released a debut album in 2011 with Gilead Media/Howling Mine, and both were met with overwhelmingly positive response from zines, blogs, and fans. Barghest and False also each contain an oppressive quality in their respective sounds. Believe it when I say this is not music for casual listening, in each case this is a psychological journey through a realm devoid of light or hope.

Barghest offer two tracks for the split. "Shifting Sands" is one of the first songs the band ever wrote, and has never before been available in a physical format. Although an older piece it still possesses the aesthetic Barghest solidified for themselves on their Untitled debut. "Inhuman Hatred" is a brand new song with an obvious death metal influence. It carries a greater sense of focus and purpose than the material from their full-length, without abandoning their unique style.

False have grown in an unbelievable way since their debut 12". Their single track on this split--"Heavy as a Church Tower"--clocks in at nearly 18 minutes, and stands as hard evidence that False are quickly becoming an undeniable force within American black metal. The ferocious intensity from their debut is amplified here, and paired with a more mature sense of mood and atmosphere. Their side of the split is very much False, evolved.

Released alongside Mirror Universe. Cover art by Bryan Proteau (Natvres Mortes Illvstration) and printed on heavy 24pt jackets. 24"x36" folded poster included. Printed inner sleeve. 800 pressed on 180g black vinyl.


Mutilation Rites- Empyrean gatefold LP - $16.00

In three short years Brooklyn's Mutilation Rites went from releasing a couple demos and EPs to unleashing Empyrean, one of the most gruesomely ferocious full length black metal LPs of the year.

The songs on Empyrean are astonishingly identifiable, they get stuck in your head immediately. This may be in large part due to the way Mutilation Rites utilize so many other elements of metal without losing focus of their goal. The backbone here is undoubtably black metal, but within you can hear aspects of grind, doom, crust, and captivating riffage that mesh perfectly and serve a greater dark purpose. As the shrieking, indistinguishable vocals lay over these songs it pulls the sound together into a perfect blend of filthy, precise misery.

Packaged in an old-style Stoughton tip-on jacket, single pocket. Black inner sleeves. 180g black vinyl. Artwork by Reuben Sawyer (Rainbath Visual). CD released by Prosthetic Records.


Go to that link, read stuff about the albums. Listen to them. And then buy them! We also have a couple new shirts for Barghest and False on the merch page - http://www.gileadmedia.net/store/merch.htm

8/31 - Minneapolis - Forever*
9/1 - Milwaukee - Quarters*
9/2 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Harrison House*
9/3 - Detroit, MI - Trumbullplex*
9/4 - Huntington, WV - Funkytowne*
9/5 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter*
9/6 - Baltimore, MD - Sidebar*
9/7 - New Brunswick, NJ - Hawt Mule*
9/8 - Brooklyn, NY - Acheron*
9/9 - Philadelphia, PA - Golden Tee*
9/10 - Pittsburgh, PA - Roboto Project*
9/11 - Columbus, OH - Carabar*
9/12 - Indianapolis, IN - Int'l House of Pitting.*
9/13 - Chicago, IL - TBA*
9/14 - Urbana, IL - The Snake Pit*
9/15 - Columbia, MO - Hairhole*
9/16 - Kansas City, KS - Detto Haus*
9/17 - Omaha, NE - The West Wing
9/18 - Denver, CO - Aqualung's
9/19 - Santa Fe, NM - Warehouse 21
9/20 - Las Cruces, NM - The Trainyard
9/21 - Phoenix, AZ - TBA
9/22 - San Diego, CA - The Yard
9/23 - Long Beach, CA - Blue Cafe Underground
9/24 - Los Angeles CA - Vacation Vinyl (Early show 7 PM)
9/24 - Los Angeles, CA - LAPP Pad (Later show)
9/25 - Los Angeles, CA - TBA
9/26 - San Francisco, CA - Elbo Room
9/28 - Santa Rosa, CA - TBA
9/29 - Sacramento, CA - Oak Park Boiz House
9/30 - Chico, CA - Origami Lounge
10/1 - Salem, OR - Burial Grounds
10/2 - Portland, OR - Beech House (Early)
10/2 - Portland, OR - Backspace (Late)
10/3 - Olympia, WA - TBA
10/4 - Seattle, WA - TBA
10/5 - Missoula, MT - Zoo City
10/6 - Bismarck, ND - Creature Cave
10/7 - Minot, ND - Pangea House
10/8 - Fargo, ND - New Direction

NOTE: * Denotes dates with Bellow


Order them on at http://www.gileadmedia.net/store/distro.htm right after you pre-order the two records you saw above!

New jams, ready to consume
Anhedonist - Netherwards LP - $14.00
The Body - All the Waters of the Earth gatefold 2LP - $24.00
Deathspell Omega - Drought 12" - $17.00
Minsk - Out of a Center... gatefold 2LP - $22.00
Northless/Light Bearer split LP - $13.00 (on grey and black)
Stargazer - A Great Work of Ages LP - $23.00

Restock jams, get em before they're out of print.
Antediluvian - Under Wing of Asael LP - $14.50
Aseethe - Red Horizon 12" - $13.00
Loss - Despond gatefold 2LP - $27.00 (last copies)
Various - Fo(u)r Burials gatefold 2LP - $24.00

That's all for now, I'm running late! More next time. Buy records, go to shows!

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