Awesome day for mail today. Distro stuff from Flenser and At A Loss Recordings to add to the enormous stack of stuff I have received and not posted yet (see below). Test pressings also arrived for Mutilation Rites Empyrean LP. This thing sounds far better than I had ever hoped, surely one of the best sounding LPs I've ever worked on. Damn, can't wait to see the full package!

Enormous online store update is complete! I don't have time to bust out an email update right now, though. So get first dibs on this stuff before the rest of the newsletter people!


More copies added to online store:
Hell/Thou - Resurrection Bay split 7" (10 more allocated for mail order)
Thou/Leech - We Pass Like Night... Picture Disc LP (found a mis-labeled box)

Vinyl new arrivals:
Antediluvian/Adversarial split LP
Blut Aus Nord - Liber I LP
Blut Aus Nord - Liber II LP
The Body + Braveyoung - Nothing Passes LP
Enabler - All Hail the Void LP
Ides of Gemini - Constantinople LP
Whitehorse - Progression LP
Wreck and Reference - Youth LP

Cassette new arrivals:
Chasms/Henry Dawson split CS
Chasms - Alien Big Cats CS
Darger - It's Monday CS
Cultus Sabbati - The Hagiography CS
Gates - Eintraum CS
Old Man Gloom - NO CS
Prophecies of John Titor - Children of the Zone CS
Shadows - Black Cassette III CS
Shrive - Dross CS
Thisquietarmy - Phantom Limbs CS


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