This year has passed by far too quickly. Winter sits upon the frosted edge of each fallen leaf on these cold Wisconsin mornings, and I couldn't be more excited for snow to fall on this small town once again. Dead Weight has been keeping me busy, even after release. We've been accepted to fifteen film festivals thus far, and await responses to more that we've submitted to. Something beyond our wildest dreams, rest assured. John and I make every effort to attend each screening we can, and have made it to a large number of them. There is no greater joy than that of sharing your creation with people and making new friends.

First day of filming Dead Weight. April, 2011.

So here I sit, Saturday afternoon in Oshkosh, finally spending some time with the new Velnias vinyl after jamming the bandcamp page in my web browser at work. These days where I can relax for a while and focus on some writing are the kinds of days I wish would become more frequent. Every week that passes I'm trying to make decisions that push me in that direction instead of pushing me towards less creative commitments on the weekends.

There hasn't been too much going on behind the scenes with Gilead Media lately. September, and a good part of October, were so absurdly busy for me that I've really needed to let the dust settle and pay some bills. The Inter Arma - Destroyer CD and Krallice - Years Past Matter 2LP are just about ready to go, and I should have Fell Voices and Ash Borer shirts restocks shortly. In addition to two Loss shirts available in the store that I printed for their upcoming November tour.

In the mean time I have posted a number of test pressings on ebay. I haven't sold off test pressings for a few months so please take a moment to see what's been posted. I'm not entirely sure when I'll have time to post more after these. I'm going to be focusing on selling off a good chunk of my personal record collection. I'm once again feeling the urge to refresh my collection here, a cycle that passes every few years. There is a list below of the test pressings I have for auction, and they can be bid upon here:


Hell/Thou split 7" Test Pressing
False - Untitled 12" Test Pressing
Barghest - Untitled LP Test Pressing
Barghest/False split LP Test Pressing (only one available for sale)
Mutilation Rites - Empyrean LP Test Pressing
Thou - Summit LP Test Pressing (Southern Lord pressing)
Krallice - Diotima 2LP Test Pressing
Fell Voices - Untitled LP Test Pressing
Krallice - Dimensional Bleedthrough 2LP Test Pressing
Isis - Oceanic 2LP Test Pressing (Robotic Empire Pressing)

Hey, it's a Mutilation Rites - Empyrean LP test pressing.

A couple new records through the door lately. Some damn good stuff, too. Even a few restocks I've been looking forward to. Here is what came by, visit www.gileadmedia.net/store/distro.htm to pick up any of these.
New arrivals
Amarok/Pyramido - Split LP
The Austrasian Goat - Paved Intentions 2LP
Protestant - Reclamation 12"
Sutekh Hexen - Empyraisch LP
Velnias - RuneEater LP

Anhedonist - Netharwards LP
Bosse-De-Nage - II LP
Coffinworm - Great Bringer of Night LP
Inter Arma - Destroyer 12"
Lake Of Blood - As Time and Tide Erodes Stone LP
Lycus - MMXI LP

The Rats have just a couple weeks left in their full US tour. Remaining dates below. Can't wait to catch them in Chicago and hear all those Emperor cabs in person.

11/4/12 Bend, OR @ Show fell through, email realghosts@gmail.com if you have any last second leads b/t Reno, NV & Portland, OR
11/5/12 Portland, OR @ Branx
11/6/12 Seattle, WA @ Studio 7
11/7/12 Boise, ID @ The Venue
11/8/12 Ogden, UT @ Mojos
11/9/12 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
11/10/12 Lawrence, KS @ The Granada
11/11/12 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
11/12/12 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
11/13/12 Chicago, IL @ Reggies
11/14/12 Columbus, OH @ Ace Of Cups
11/15/12 Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme
11/16/12 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
11/17/12 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody
11/18/12 Rochester NY Bug Jar (MUTILATION RITES ONLY)

I'm very much looking forward to spending a couple nights in Chicago this month as well. My pal Scott and I are heading down on Nov 16th and 17th to see EARTH on Friday and OM on Saturday. An exceptional couple nights of music in a city I've always loved spending time in. Hope some of you Chicago folks are also excited for these shows. Talk soon, dear friends.
-Adam/Gilead Media

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