New Gilead website

I just got this strange bug up my ass to re-do the entire Gilead Media website this evening/morning. Probably because I was working on getting this blog set up.

Even though the Gilead site received a massive overhaul the change has been more of a devolution. It's more or less bare bones now, plain colors. But the menu is fun since it's written in my own hand and not some silly font (with logo by my good friend Brian. A logo also featured on the Zombunny shirts and Tote Bags!)

So it's 4:30, I need to wake up in less than four hours for work. It's sure to be an eventful Thursday!

Check out the simple new site just to make me feel better about staying up to change everything


  1. Adam, just out of curiousity, what does the term
    "Gilead" mean? Any connection to the Christian-based public housing apartments all over the city that are named "Gilead"? Just wondering.

  2. Nope, nothing Christian about it. In the Dark Tower books by Stephen King the city where gunslingers are born and trained, and the jewel of mid-world, is known as Gilead. There are a lot of religious allusions in the books, not necessarily christianity, but nothing religious about Gilead Media. Just my favorite series of books. And I'm not sure what city or what apartments you're referring to.