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We're happy to announce that we're now taking orders for the Thou/Leech split LP! These will be pre-orders with an estimated ship date of 1/15/10. Not only will we be taking orders for the Gilead version, but also for the European version from Vendetta records!! Vendetta will also be holding orders for the Gilead version, so people in US can save money on the Euro version and vice versa!! Check out Vendetta if you live in Europe - Vendettarecords.de. Here is my blurb for the record:

Wow, well, where do I begin with these two? When Bryan first came to me and asked if I wanted to release their cassette-only split with Leech as a cooperative LP release with Vendetta, how could I say no? I hadn't heard Leech yet, but Stefan from Vendetta is a great person running a great label and I will never turn down the opportunity to work with the friends I've made in Thou. Not to mention the fact that the 4 songs on their side of the split are easily some of the most incredible pieces of music I've ever heard. They're literally all over the place when it comes to style. Two incredibly heavy and melodic doom tracks sandwiched between an intro/outro pair of complete beauty, the latter of which composed and performed in part by the lovely Emily McWilliams. Female vocals? Piano? Yes... and it's amazing.

Fast forward a couple months, at this point I've heard Leech and was blown away by their unreal mix of True Cascadian Grey Metal and unbelievable proggy song structure. I truly wish Leech were not so adamant about remaining obscure, because they're could seriously take the world of Black Metal by storm and turn it entirely on its ass. The day I received their audio master with their single, 20 minute long, untitled track, I was astonished. At first glance nothing appears to be out of the ordinary. Then, I notice it is sealed with a wax stamp. OK... cascadian metal dudes, I can give them the benefit of the doubt. I open the package to find their audio master, on cassette, with a letter that was typed on a typewriter using a photograph of a grey overcast sky as the type surface. I was immediately both amazed and amused. Truly Thou and Leech are an outstanding pairing for a split LP.

We Pass Like Night From Land to Land comes packged in a heavy-duty gatefold jacket with a full hand screen-printed poster and also includes a download code for the entire split in mp3 format (there will never be a CD version!!).

Limited to 750 copies on the US version, and 500 copies on the EU version released by Vendetta. All on white vinyl.


Plans are underway for Arms Aloft to team up with Gilead Media to release their "Comfort At Any Cost" 7" (originally release by Dead Format) in the CD format in Feb/March! In addition to the tracks from that 7", the CDEP version will also include the two Arms Aloft songs from their upcoming split with The Fake Boys! (to be released by Dead Format/Kiss of Death).
This may seem like an odd release for Gilead Media, and in some ways that may be true. Historically I have never really enjoyed punk rock that didn't lean more into the hardcore vein. But I have never let the limitations of genres restrict what I wanted to release. Arms Aloft really do strike me as something different and special in punk. The songs are amazingly well written and the lyrics deliver something I haven't felt in the punk scene in years. The band truly breathes new life into an entire style of punk that that I had given up hope on.
The band is now gearing up for a 10-day Japanese tour in March. You can check out the dates and hear some of the tracks from "Comfort At Any Cost" on the Arms Aloft myspace, go there!
You can always check out some reviews from the 7" version here: Arms Aloft reviews

That's all for this time around, just a real quick little email about two very exciting tidbits.
In the next couple weeks I'll be stocking up these things in the "distro" (which I never intended to start but sort of started itself!)
Algernon Cadwallader "Some Kind of Cadwallader" LP (Security Blanket)
Algernon Cadwallader "Fun" 7" (Protagonist Records)
Decibully "World Travels Fast" 2LP (Listening Party)

Many thanks to all of you for supporting the label. It's really great to know there is still a community of individuals out there that care about independent art and are willing to support it in a time when the dollar is becoming a commodity that is harder to come buy. I have a love in my heart for all of you.

-Adam/Gilead Media

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